Why Coffee?



Coffee.  It’s a part of our daily routine.  For some, it’s a comforting morning ritual, the grinding of beans, the pouring of the hot water, the aroma of the brew filling the house. For others it’s a sheer necessity, the need for caffeine to help shake off the strong grip of sleep.  No matter what coffee means to you, its undeniable that many of us wouldn’t dare picture a day without it in our lives.  We at Roastery 48 have such a passion for coffee…. We decided we should make our own.  Voila! The birth of a new small business.


Somewhere around the beginning of 2019, we decided we needed to make some changes in our lives.  We cut out processed foods, reduced our sugar intakes, switched out home chemicals in favor of more natural and less carcinogenic cleaners, increased our physical fitness…. And we felt GREAT! The benefits of these (sometimes) challenging decisions were undeniable.  But our research into our lifestyle changes led us down the path of investigating what we were drinking every day.  Coffee.  A quick search on the internet will tell you that coffee is one of the most heavily chemically treated food products world-wide.  How could we make all these healthy changes, yet still drink our chemicals with a bit of coffee on the side?  The answer is we couldn’t.

We figured the best way to know what we were drinking was to, well, roast it ourselves. Not only did we want to know WHAT beans we were roasting, but the process itself was very important to us.  Our style of roasting, fluid bed roasting (also know as air roasting) is a cleaner roasting process compared to the more popular conventional drum roasting that most companies use.  The chaff is blown off and removed away from the beans instead of burnt and caked onto the inside of a drum.  By utilizing only organic beans in our fluid bed roaster, we can sleep well at night knowing in the morning our cup of coffee will the best and healthiest we can make it.  Our small business creates a solution in our lives that we want to share with you!

Again, why coffee? We love it! And because we can! We were bringing samples in from all over the globe only to realize not only the health benefits or organic coffee, but the roasting process can greatly affect the final flavor of your coffee. The finest beans can quickly be destroyed by poor roasting technique or lack of knowledge.

Try our beans and taste our obsession for yourself!

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