We decided to invite something tall, dark and rich into our marriage.  LeBron James was busy so coffee it is. As a firefighter and a Navy Veteran we believe hot beverages should be standard issue with all uniforms.  We maintain our sexy in the gym, but needed to make better choices about what we put into our face-holes.  Tea? Please show yourself out. Not drinking coffee is sacrilege. We just needed to be as natural as possible with our bean romance.

Brew better beans,
Kelly, Jon, and Zumi

Team Roastery48

We’re based in Arizona. Between camping, hiking and other mischief we want to celebrate the 48th state. We want Roastery 48 to make Arizona known for more than frying an egg on the hood of a Camaro.

Fluid-bed Roaster a.k.a The O.F.B (“The Old Finicky Bitch”)

Yup, that’s right. She can be a real finicky bitch. She requires a keen eye and a lot of attention while roasting. And when she’s mad and wants repairs, it's game on. But we love fluid bed roasting and she roasts a clean and much more flavorful bean than the old method of just tumbling in a drum. How boring.

Jon a.k.a Jon

He also can be a finicky bitch at times. He’s a Firefighter, so what else would you expect? He, too, requires a lot of attention and can break down and need repairs. On the other hand, he can roast one hell of a bean, loves lifting heavy things, and can’t get enough of the outdoors.

Kelly a.k.a KDawg

Ahhh, what can a husband write in a bio about his wife? She’s a ray of sunshine, the light at the end of the tunnel, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… had enough? She’s a Navy Vet, an avid lifter of heavy items, she’s packaged full of attitude and an all-around badass!


Our sweet Zumi. She is the glue that holds this shit show together. A border collie to judge all others against, and she out-wits us on a daily basis. She’s 35 pounds of bed hogging sweetness. A literal little ball of energy that fills our heart with joy. She’s a full-blown service pup, swim and dive expert, and takes dad on 4 mile runs to keep him from getting fat. She brings some peace to a crazy busy life.